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Synergic Hallmark Customised Products


Truly Top-Notch

Modern yet Reliable

Load / unload any loose item significantly faster, safer, and more efficient.


Minimum deflection on the frame as the conveyor is constructed with self-supporting C-profiles.


User-friendly control panel with safety device.

Extend conveyor into confined spaces whilst delivering the loose item.

Shock-free extension as frequency control is used.


Use as a stand-alone device or integrated within high-end conveying and sortation systems.

Optional accessories namely hydraulic height adjustment, main-rider platform, and sideway traverse could further enhance productivity and efficiency in the process environment.

Roof Ventilator Fan

Dust Collector System
(For Welding Place , Sanding Place or Anywhere Dusty Place)

Ducting System

Ducting System
Ducting System

Water Spray Booth System

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